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North$ideBaby aka N$B North$ideBaby is a Rap-inspired solo artist.

The Indigenous Rapper from Treaty 8 Territory - DENE THA FIRST NATION & Plains Cree - has 11 years of musical experience.

Since his inception in late 2022, North$ideBaby has achieved significant milestones, garnering a growing and dedicated fanbase worldwide. Listeners are drawn to N$B's authentic and relatable lyrics, delivered with a unique vocal style and mixing style.

Live performances are where North$ideBaby truly shines. Electrifying stage presence and infectious energy create an immersive experience for audiences. Whether performing in front of a sold out crowd or in his Home Reservation of Dene Tha First Nation. North$ideBaby has a remarkable ability to engage and connect with the crowd, leaving a lasting impact. Welcome to NSB.



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