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Everything you need to know about NSB.

North$ideBaby aka N$B is a Rap-inspired solo artist.Listeners are drawn to N$B's authentic and relatable lyrics, delivered with a unique vocal style.

Since his inception in late 2022, North$ideBaby has garnering a growing and dedicated fanbase worldwide.


Dawson Pastion-Bear was born in High Level, Alberta in 1999 & began producing beats at the raw age of 13. Where he produced for the first 6 years of his career. In 2017, is when the voice was added to the list of instruments.Taking notes from Artists like Young Thug, Gunna, and even Yeat.


In 2017 he when under the name "DUSKI" but later changed it to "NorthSideBaby" in 2022. Building his social media presence on TikTok and Facebook, by posting everyday for a year. 


Fast forward to 2024- N$B is on tour- RESERVATIONS and CITIES all across Canada.Sharing his 11 year journey with Indigenous Peoples in hopes to inspire the next generation. 


Live performances are where North$ideBaby truly shines. Electrifying stage presence and infectious energy create an immersive experience for audiences. Whether performing in front of a sold out crowd or in his Home Reservation of Dene Tha First Nation. North$ideBaby has a remarkable ability to engage and connect with the crowd, leaving a lasting impact. Welcome to NSB.

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